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Patient Care

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All India Health care Service is engaged in providing qualified Patient Care Takers to clients. We ensure that the Patient Care Taker we place with clients have expertise in the area and can proficiently deal with the patients. We verify that the Patient  Care Takers selected by us are qualified and properly trained in all the aspects of day to day patient care.
Being a sensitive job profile, we verify that the Patient Care Takers selected by us are qualified and properly trained in all aspects of day-to-day patient care. We are Experts in accommodating home Nursing. Accessible Male/Female overseers for advanced age and incapacitate individuals for full-time services. They are perfect, clean and sterile. They are committed to the given day and night tasks with their immense devotion.

 Patients In & Out Of Bed, Take Them For walks, Help Them into Their wheelchairs, and Helping Them with Their Hygiene Needs & Exercises.
• Assist in ambulation(moving the patient around) .
• Manage feeding tubes.
• Manage cleaning, grooming, bathing, feeding, Wound dressing, and companionship of the patient. .
• Manage patients for 12 hours & 24 x7 hours.
• Experts in caring bed ridden, knee replacement Neuro, Paralysis Patients, etc..
• Monitor vitals of the patient(Blood pressure,urine,sugar,bed sols etc

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