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Rent Medical Equipment

Category Rent Medical Equipment

We provide a wide range of Rent medical equipment as well as for purchase. , we wish to reduce the hassle of our patrons to the minimum so their whole focus could be on the recovery and care of their loved ones.
The following equipment is available for rent:
By the day, the weekend, the week or the month.

● ICU beds (Mechanical and electric)
● Fowler beds (Mechanical and electric)
● Semi fowler beds (Mechanical and electric)
● IV stands
● Food Tables
● Wheelchairs
● Oxygen cylinders
● Oxygen concentrators
● Bipaps
● Cpaps
● Ventilators
● Cpap Bipap masks
● Infusion pumps
● DVT Pumps
● Pulse oxymeters
● Air mattresses
● Suction Machines
● Hospital Beds
● Sugar Machine
● Blood Pressure Machine

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